>National Enquirer – BUSH’S BOOZE CRISIS

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>I was cruising over at Burned Out Paranoid Democrat who had the above link.

Enquiring minds want to know how long it will be before GW’s back on the booger sugar…

As much as I hate these tabloids, they have a tendency to be correct. I remember years ago when they foretold of the Demi Moore/Bruce Willis split, as well as the Kidman/Cruz divorce. I might have to start actually reading those things just to keep up. Then again, I don’t care if Britney Spears is addicted to Ho-Hos.

2 thoughts on “>National Enquirer – BUSH’S BOOZE CRISIS

  1. indygirl

    >You should care. Ho-ho addiction is well on its way to epidemic status. Protect yourself and your family with knowledge.

  2. Petra

    >I totally agree that there is usu some truth in tabloids.I try to keep current by reading the covers of most of them while in line at the grocery or target 🙂


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