>My hair smells good

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>I finally had time to get a haircut. My bangs were so long they were starting to feather like 1985.

The other day, I was a guinea pig for a dental student friend. It was sheer torture. I already hate all things related to the dental industry. Add to that being stuck in that awful chair for three hours while being poked and prodded by someone with no teeth cleaning skills. Of course, the whole building reeked of bad chi. It was frenzied and stressful.

Seriously, someone needed to get in their and do a little feng shui magic on that classroom. In fact, the place might have been built on top of some sort of nexus because I couldn’t even get a cell phone signal and it was right in the middle of Sacramento.

3 thoughts on “>My hair smells good

  1. Mara

    >You did what?! You are truly a good friend to allow yourself that torture. I think you need a massage therapist student friend!

  2. SFChick74

    >I’m trying to achieve karma points, but clearly it backfired. It did nothing but fuel my dislike for the dentist and most doctors.


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