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>This week – Episode 5: A Knight to Remember

The show starts off and there is a clip of some guy shaving his legs! Please, I don’t need to see that. Then they show another guy (possibly Mark) getting a Mystic spray tan. He’s completely naked. I really don’t think that spray is supposed to land on where the sun don’t shine.

Mark has a great quote, “To be crowned Mr. Romance at the pageant would be just such a beautiful blessing. My mom would be proud…my girlfriend. I’d probably cry.”

In this episode they have to learn about chivalry from a gay man. The best part is watching these guys try to pronounce the word chivalry. “Shivrlous… Shivourly…”

This show is just so embarrassing. Charles is the worst. I feel so bad for him. He’s insecure about how to deal with women, so he keeps resorting to that lion move. Derek Zoolander wants his move back.

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