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>This morning as I was getting ready for work, I turned on the TV to watch the local news. Mostly I want to know about the traffic and sometimes the weather, since just about everything else is pure crap shown just for ratings.

Here is an example…as I was putting on my makeup when I hear Ross McGowan/Frank Sommerville say something along the lines of, “We have some breaking news about the hostage situation that recently took place in Russia. We have exclusive footage that is graphic and disturbing.”

Graphic and disturbing is not the way to start a morning. One good thing about getting your news from the newspaper or the Internet is that you are less likely to be bombarded with images of a violent nature. I’m all for the freedom of expression. If the local news wants to show bloody corpses and people being tortured, then fine, do it. But, I am not going to watch your show anymore. You have a choice to show it and I have a choice to be disgusted at the obvious grasp for ratings and not watch it.

It would be one thing if it was live and no one knew what was going to happen like on September 11th, but obviously this was a tape that someone somewhere had reviewed. Law enforcement and no one else should view that tape. There is no cause for the rest of the general public to witness atrocity.

Like we don’t know that bad stuff happens everyday. Here’s some news for you news people, we live it and we don’t want to see it on TV. It’s one thing to say something about an accident or a policy activity in the neighborhood, it’s a whole other to show pictures of dead bodies and torture.

Seriously, I feel really bad for those people over in Russia, but do I really need to see a video of what went on? I’ve always said the only things worth watching on the news are the sports stories, the traffic reports, and the weather forecast. I’d rather watch Hurricane Frances coverage for an entire day and I have never been to Florida nor do I know anyone there.

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