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>I don’t understand how this back to school phenomenon is effecting my commute to work. It’s very odd, but there really are a lot more people on the freeways when I am driving to work in the morning. I don’t understand why you would have to take the freeway to get to school. There can’t be that many people going to college, can there?

I grew up in a small town where you could walk to school with your siblings without fear of someone committing a crime against you on the way. I couldn’t walk to high school (it was too far), but I did walk to elementary and junior high. Even though my mom or I drove to high school every day, we never once took the freeway. It wasn’t necessary.

Now I live in the big city, so to speak, and I’m guessing that kids here don’t have the luxury of being able to take surface streets to their school, much less walk there.

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