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>I’m just getting the hang of this whole blogging thing. I finally figured out how to find out how people find this crazy place. It’s kind of scary that you can track that stuff. Anyway, someone searched for “Kate Beckinsdale bad boob job” on Yahoo! and my site came up first! Right on, dude. LOL!

I just realized that I misspelled her name. Apparently, it should be Beckinsale, without the “d”. Maybe I’ll move up the rankings of that search now too. 😉

3 thoughts on “>More randomness…

  1. daniello

    >What are some good ways to get people to find a blog? I see you found mine, but I’m guessing you use popular search terms in your postings maybe? Want to share other info? I’m dying to get more people to check out my blog!

  2. SFChick74

    >I registered with every blog directory I could find, plus Yahoo! and Google. Now, I go around and look at other people’s blogs and comment on the ones I find entertaining. That will get you a bit of traffic.

    I took the suggestions from the blogger help thing here. It said to also put your blog address in your signature if you post on other message boards or in your emails.

    I saw some guy post on craigslist the other day trying to get people to read his blog.


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