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>I remember when it was Candlestick Park. Then for some reason, probably a monetary one, the City/County of SF sold the rights to 3 Com. What that company does, I am not sure, but after so many years of hearing it called 3 Com, I just started calling it 3 Com, too.

Now Monster Cable has come along and forked over some cash to the 49ers and the Parks Dept. How long will this cash last until yet another company pays to have it’s name in lights? The thing is that stadium is really on its last legs.

I went to the Raiders/49ers game last year. There were holes in the steel staircases, the seats were cracked and fading, the whole place just had this tired worn out feeling. Maybe it’s because I had gotten used to the fresh, sparkly feel of Pac Bell Park. Oh, excuse me, I mean SBC Park.

Regardless, I really think some major refurbishing needs to happen at Candlestick. It could be a great place to enjoy a Sunday afternoon of football, but if they don’t do something soon, I think it might fall into the Bay.

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