>Mom Makes Teen Stand on Street With Sign – Yahoo! News

>I was with this mom’s decision until I saw the photo. I can understand why the mom was driven to this extreme of having her daughter stand on the sidewalk with a sign like a homeless person. It was to drive home the point that education is a way to better yourself and make your way in the world. But, the mother shouldn’t have made her daughter pose for a photo in a national newspaper. That’s just not right.

4 thoughts on “>Mom Makes Teen Stand on Street With Sign – Yahoo! News

  1. christhestampede

    >lol; is that the headline you were talking about? I half envisioned the sign to say “This is a sign” or something wittier. (That’s the best I could come up with; that’s why I don’t write for the onion.)

  2. Brian King

    >Why is it not right? I may be bitter, though. I just had to correct a student who thought slavery was abolished in 1930. Remember, I teach college composition.

  3. SFChick74

    >Slavery abolished in 1930? That is sad.

    I just don’t like the mom making her daughter’s punishment into a publicity stunt.

  4. SFChick74

    >It’s sad that college students are so stupid, not that slavery was abolished. Didn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea.


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