>The Mighty Pacific

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>Please enjoy some photos of the angry sea:

I just got back from my family vacation and I still seem to need a vacation. Plus my Beetle decided to overheat for no reason on my way home this evening, so now I have to take it in to the damn dealership tomorrow. I love my car, but I’m beginning to think it’s a toxic relationship. The car gives me nothing, but grief and yet, I still love it.

3 thoughts on “>The Mighty Pacific

  1. Nick

    >Because I’ve had a couple (okay, 3) glasses of wine and even without the wine i have no short-term memory, i decided to click on your site to see if there’s an update. and there IS, even though it’s clearly BEFORE Halloween. That’s why you still think you need a vacation, because you didn’t think you’d be back yet. ha. I’m gonna go type a non-sensical word now. Be good.


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