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>I saw this band a few times and they are hilarious. They are more than just a tribute band. They are heavy metal musical theater. They used to be known as Metal Shop, but of course drama ensued and now they are known as Metal Skool. A rose by any other name is still smells as sweet, as they (or Shakespeare)say.

If you are ever down at the Roxy in LA on a Monday night or over in San Diego on a Wednesday you should do yourself a favor and check them out. They show really isn’t for the kids. It’s very adult, but it’s comic genius nonetheless. Be forewarned, I am of the easily amused set.

Basically, they are a 80’s heavy metal (hair music) tribute band. They were the guys from the Danger Kitty commercials that Discover Card did a few years back.

There is also another great band that a few guys from Metal Skool are in. It’s called the Atomic Punks. (www.theatomicpunks.com) They are another tribute band that covers Van Halen, the real Van Halen that is…with David Lee Roth.

Heavy Metal Rules!

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