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>I don’t put much stock in the prediction side of astrology, but I do think the movement of the planets effect certain energies here on Earth. Just look at the moon and how it effects the tides.

Once every three months or so Mercury goes retrograde. It looks like it’s going backwards in the heavens. I hate it when this happens. Communications get all mucked up. Just look at the American Idol foul up that happened. Our voicemail system at work is malfunctioning. I can’t seem to log in to certain websites, when just yesterday they were working. It’s really frustrating. I have to double check and re-do alot of stuff.

I wish I could just go on vacation for the next month. Since that’s not an option, I just have learn to be patient. Well, one good thing…if anything goes haywire, I can blame it on Mercury. Although, then people will think I’m crazy and disorganized.

2 thoughts on “>Mercury Retrograde

  1. Sonic Reducer

    >How long does the whole “retrograde” thing happen for? I think there’s something to that stuff. Look how wierd poeple get on full moons…And there are definite personallity similarities for people born around the smae time fo year (ie, zodiac)…I’m not saying you can forcast the futue from the zodiac. I just think people have similar personalities if they’re the same sign…


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