>Maybe it’s me.

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This ball of anger in my gut is going to kill me. I just know it.

All of my former employers made me feel as though I always did a great job and exceeded their expectations. Of course, at none of these companies was there ever a formal review process in place. Small companies just don’t do that. I just randomly received raises and bonuses coincided with the holidays.

At this company, if it’s not about cliques, it’s all about processes and action plans. I’m going to puke if I hear one more thing about a mission statement.

I read some of the feedback I received from my supervisor on my performance review. Apparently, I’m not showing enough interest in furthering my knowledge in the real estate industry. What the fuck do you call the five online classes I’ve taken to learn how to better deal with the goddamn customers? How about the three community college classes I’m taking to get my real estate license? What else do I have to do? Sleep with a broker?

Fuck! This is all coming from a woman who has NO CLUE what I do all day. She told me that in a couple of our meetings. I believe I even have a few witnesses to that statement. How the fuck are you going to review my performance if you have no goddamn idea what I do all day?

2 thoughts on “>Maybe it’s me.

  1. tsduff

    >Been there – done that. I’m sorry – but you need the get the hell out of there, and find a place where one hand knows what the other is doing. Corporate bosses think their own s*it doesn’t stink – and working for them makes life miserable. Good luck.

  2. FreedomGirl

    >I used to work for the government. I liked my job. I worked hard. I was good at what I did. Nothing angered me more than the fact that there were lazy slags that made more than I did, just by virtue of the TIME they had been there….Grrrr.


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