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>Have you ever noticed how similar job ads are to personals?

I have to find a new part-time assistant and it’s a nightmare. First of all, alot of people don’t read directions. I know I’m being picky, but I want a cover letter AND a resume. But, isn’t a cover letter required for just about any white collar job application?

Second of all, alot of people can’t write worth a darn. I received email that had exclamation points at the end of each sentence! Why are you yelling! I won’t hire you! Then I had someone who wrote “I am really, really interested in the position… I really want this job because…” Oh really?

Here’s another tip: when you send a resume via email, don’t use your HoTsTupHxOxO@aol.com or TrekkkeeezRUlE@yahoo.com email. Save that for the chat rooms. I will just delete an email with that address because I assume it’s spam or you are dumb. I can’t work with dumb people.

Also, don’t send me your resume more than once. That’s an automatic demerit resulting in my not contacting you. I have 100 to go through. It’s going to take me two days just to sort out the literate from the illiterate.

3 thoughts on “>Manager seeks Assistant

  1. Bill

    >I am an Director of HR in Chicago, and I couldn’t agree more with your comment on inappropriate email names for resumes….I have some that I called the person in just to see what kind of person they were, for my personal amusement! Not to hire.

  2. SFChick74

    >Another thing that annoys me is that no one sends “Thank You” cards anymore. I interviewed a good 10 different people and not one card. I have gotten an email or two, but I asked them to send me their references, so that doesn’t really count.

    When I first started looking for a job many moons ago, I was told that you were supposed to send a “Thank You” card if you were granted an interview. It not only showed politeness, but it was a reminder to the interviewer that you were still genuinely interested in the position.

  3. Bill

    >I have not gotton a note from a interview in forever. It never ceases to amaze me, I have tip for you. Dress properly, while I may be a man, I am not interested in your clevage during an interview….and oh by the way don’t chew gum either during the interview


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