>The man doth protest too much, methinks.

>After reading the Larry Craig saga, I’m pretty sure all of those people who are anti-gay are actually gay themselves.

If you’ve read any of the police report, which I’m sure you have, you should enjoy the reaction of the “honorable” Senator from Idaho when he sees the cop’s badge. “No!” Is not the first reaction of someone who is innocent. Confusion is more likely.

What’s even better about this situation is that he actually plead guilty, but tries to persuade everyone that he’s still innocent. “I just wanted it to go away.” It’s in the public record, dumbass. Any numb-nuts with free time on their hands will find it on the Internet sooner or later.

Just man up and admit that you are homosexual. Say you are sorry for lying. Say that you were afraid, living in fear. That’s how this whole thing goes away in the media. The truth shall set you free, as they say.

1 thought on “>The man doth protest too much, methinks.

  1. mark

    >I’m in agreement. Larry is totally gay (said with lisp). And I am starting to think those who oppose gay rights in our branches of government are pretty much gay. Just one big sweaty bath house of legislation.


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