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>I ditched work to check out Ace Young at the Bel Air. Unfortunately for me, it was just a meet & greet. No concert in the parking lot a la Airheads. It was just Ace at a table promoting American Idol Ice Cream.

Maybe if a friend or two had come with me, I would have been of a mind to get my photo taken with him. Since I didn’t want to be the creepy adult in line alone, I just got some grocery shopping done instead.

As I was pondering which cheese to buy, I heard a girlish voice say, “They were huge!” I look up to see a girl of maybe 10 clutching a glossy Ace Young photo. I’m sure she was referring to his bright eyes.

Instantly, I had flashbacks of being 15 and infatuated with New Kids on the Block. Had I been able to get my picture with Jordan and/or Jonathan, I would have just died! OK, maybe Ace Young hasn’t quite hit NKOTB status, but you couldn’t tell that to the girls waiting anxiously in line.

3 thoughts on “>Lurk About

  1. Nick

    >I probably would’ve gotten in line as “Gay Nick”, which is a persona that’s very fun but I hardly ever get to use.


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