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>My heart goes out to those afflicted by the bombings in London. I saw it on the news this morning and I had mini September 11th flashbacks. The part that scares me most is that this tragedy happened to people just going about their regular routine.

These were people on their way to another day of work. They weren’t militants or soldiers. They were office clerks and coffee servers. They were accountants and doctors. All they were worried about was getting to their jobs on time, getting the rent paid, or one of the million other everyday worries you and I are familiar with.

While on a smaller scale physically than what happened here four years ago, the emotional damage is the same. Obviously, the war on terror is not going well. No one seemed to know that these bombings might happen. You can’t tell me that fighting in Iraq is going to stop tragedies like this morning’s from occuring in the future. Osama Bin Laden is in Pakistan and we don’t seem to be in any hurry to weasel him out of his burrow.

Maybe the American people will wake up from their patriotic stupor and realize that Bush hasn’t done anything to make our country or any other part of the world safer from terrorist threats. It’s four years later and all we have to show for it is higher gas prices.

2 thoughts on “>London Calling

  1. Balloon Pirate

    >No. All we have to show for it is our kids in a place where they shouldn’t be, and who may die at any second without ever having a chance to see it.

    My nephew Daniel is a Marine. He’s in the Baghdad area. He’s not allowed to say where. He carries a heavy metal tube and people tell him where to aim it. He does. Then a rocked comes out of it, hits something, and buildings crumble and people die. This is his job.

    My son Brad is a Lt.in the USAF. He’s got 35 people at his command. His job is force protection. Every day poeple he doesn’t know come up to him and his troops. They have to stand there and process them in, all the while hoping they don’t explode. They have to look at every person and decide whether or not to shoot them. That’s their job.

    We’re losing a generation. Even if they come back alive, there will be parts of them that we knew and loved that will be dead forever.



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