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>I’m such a word nerd. The link above goes to this page I found that defines different types of fallacies. I remember learning about this in a college English class and was fascinated by the structure behind arguments. The English teacher would use examples from the Letters to the Editor from the local newspaper. Not only were almost all of them poorly structured grammatically, but the logic behind their arguments was never supported by their evidence or reasons.

The fallacy I find most often used is the Appeal to Popularity (argumentum ad populum)

Definition from the website: A proposition is held to be true because it is widely held to be true or is held to be true by some (usually upper crust) sector of the population. This fallacy is sometimes also called the “Appeal to Emotion” because emotional appeals often sway the population as a whole.

Just because an idea is popular doesn’t make it true. It’s just had some good marketing.

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