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>Did you have today off? The state workers and elementary schools all seemed to be closed. I went into the office as usual. I think I’ve got the West Nile or maybe SARS. Actually, I think it’s just laryngitis, still it didn’t stop me. I would have stayed home, but I have to save up my PTO for vacations, not sickness.

I went to Target to stock up on Nyquil and Vick’s Vaporub. All the soccer moms were there with their kids getting last minute Valentines for the class. Do you remember going through the box of Valentines and deciding who got the lame ones?

It was a very intricate process. You gave the best ones to your friends and your secret crushes. There was always one classmate who was so lame that you didn’t want to give them a Valentine at all. You didn’t want the wrong message sent to the wrong person. Everyone in the class got a Valentine, but everyone’s Valentines were not equal.

I’m pretty sure the last time I officially celebrated Valentine’s Day was 1985. I don’t remember the Valentine exchange in sixth grade. It seemed to childish to do by that point.

4 thoughts on “>Lincoln’s Birthday

  1. SFChick74

    >Nolff – I’m telling you…Get a job with the State of California. Not only do you get Lincoln’s birthday, but also Cesar Chavez day off.

    Thanks Tim, right back at ya. 🙂


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