>Letters Show FEMA Knew Response ‘Broken’ – Yahoo! News

>You want to get angry again? Read the article. Do we really need anymore proof that FEMA and the whole Bush Administration is screwed up?

I find it interesting that for the past two days this story about George Bush’s candidacy for the worst President ever has been listed under the Most Emailed stories on Yahoo.

Personally, I thought the worst President was the Teapot Dome Scandal guy, but according to the article it’s James Buchanan. The article says that Buchanan’s decisions pushed us into the Civil War. I can see why that would put you at the top of the worst list.

Think about that for a moment. George Bush is a worse President than the guy who basically caused the Civil War…the bloodiest war in the history of our country. That’s pretty bad. I’ll bet that unless one more horrible disaster occurs or major civil unrest explodes across the country, George W. Bush will only be number 2 on the worst list.

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