>Let the holidays begin…

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>I have this love hate relationship with the holiday season. Part of me thoroughly enjoys everything about the holiday season, the gatherings, the decorations, the presents, the general good cheer. But part of me feels even more lonely than I normally do throughout the year. Like Charlie Brown said, “I almost wish there weren’t a holiday season. I know nobody likes me. Why do we have to have a holiday season to emphasize it?”

I shouldn’t be focusing on what is lacking in my life. This is the time of year to give thanks for everything that I have, everything I have accomplished, and most importantly, everyone in my life. As much as they make me nuts sometimes, I couldn’t imagine life without all of my family and friends. They all contribute to my emotional support and spiritual growth in their own unique and wonderful ways.

I am even thankful for the people who I will probably never get to know. Those people who are the extras in the story of life. They do have an affect on me. Sometimes it’s a surprising smile from a stranger, sometimes it’s a rude gesture from someone who just cut me off in traffic. Each moment of interation with another human being is a moment when we can learn something about ourselves, no matter how mundane that interaction may seem.

Thanks to whomever is reading this post. Happy Thanksgiving!

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