>Left out.

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>It’s not so much that I’m just lonely, I feel like a freak. Are those awful statistics about terrorists and marriage still true for women over the age of 35? I feel like that last single woman on earth. And I don’t mean unmarried single, I mean without a boyfriend or regular dates or even a random yearly date…It would just be nice to know I’m not the only one who is utterly single.

On another note, did I mention my upstairs neighbors are so nuts that whatever they were doing yesterday afternoon was making my ceiling vibrate? It was so bad that the fan looked like it was about to fly out of its bolts.

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  1. Nick

    >Trust me, there’s a lot of utterly single people left. But don’t fret, you can have an “annual” date with me in Arizona in March! Won’t that be just what the doctor ordered!


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