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>Seriously, a flu pandemic is on the horizon? Well, if people would just practice good hygiene and maybe manage their stress a little better they wouldn’t have to worry about getting sick.

People get the flu every year. How many people do you know have been so sick that they died from it? Probably not many if any at all. It seems to me the only ones who should worry about the flu are the people with a compromised immune system or elderly people whose immune systems might not be as strong.

Why worry about this? There’s nothing you can do when you get the flu except drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest. I really don’t think that dumb vaccination even works. I remember when I was a kid my doctor said that there wasn’t a vaccination because the virus mutated too quickly.

Besides, I think we have cleaner lives than people did back when the last flu pandemic struck in the early 1900’s. People wash their hands more often. People keep their houses fairly germ free. People know more about how to stay healthy. I think all this worry is just dumb.

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  1. Nick

    >You tell it sister. I felt the same way when they said they were running low on shots last year. I was like, “who cares?” I’ve never had a shot and I’ve always been fine. By the way, I like your writing. Thanks.


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