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>Friday night, the day before Christmas Eve, I went to the Nutcracker. It was a nice show. Too many people brought their children under the age of 6, but that’s another story. I got home around 10 p.m. As I’m walking to my front door, I hear this weird rhythmic thumping sound. I look around to find the source of the sound and see my next door neighbors have their shades open and have quasi-decorated the window for Christmas with silver garland draped around it. From the candles on the bar and the music I determine that they are having a party.

Who in their right mind has a party on the night before Christmas Eve? Isn’t everyone either traveling, getting ready to travel somewhere, or at a family member’s house? It wasn’t a Christmas party either. Unless house music has somehow replaced Christmas carols as the requisite music of the season.

I wanted to unwind by watching TV in my living room, but Noisy Neighbor negated that. Luckily, I couldn’t hear the thumping beats in my bedroom. I wandered out into the living room after 11:00 and they were still at it. I was too tired to call the cops on them. Let the upstairs neighbors do it.

The next day, I went over to my parents house on the other side of town. I had decided to spend the night, so I could partake of the spirits of the holiday in order to better deal with the extended family. Again, that is another story.

I came home last night to find that someone had stolen my Sunday paper. I was gone just over 35 hours. Who in their right mind steals someone’s paper and on CHRISTMAS? I suspect the Noisy Neighbors. Actually, it could also be one of the upstairs neighbors, too. It just pisses me off. I’d like nothing better than to confront the thief or find out that they are suffering consequences due to their thievery.

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