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>Don’t let CNN, Fox News, MSNBC or any news shows tell you who to vote for in the upcoming election. Go to the candidates’ websites and read their platforms, policies, etc. for yourself. Go check out their voting records in the Senate.

The news organizations are trying to make this a tight race. Is it really? A few months ago it was not. Listen closely to the talking heads. They are not trying to report. They are trying to grab ratings. A landslide wouldn’t be any fun to watch. A tight race will keep you tuning in every day to see how the candidates are faring.

Need an example? Look at the reactions of the pundits to last night’s debate. They are all over the board. Is this really a reflection of the debate? Or are they trying to manufacture ratings?

All I want is for people to do some research before they vote. Otherwise, stay home on the first Tuesday in November so my vote counts more.

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