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>I got the keys to my new place. My mom and I go over to take a few things in before the big move in on Sunday. It’s sweltering hot, which I hate, but I’m happy to finally get my own apartment. I walk in and hear the airconditioner running, but it’s just blowing the air around, not cooling it. I look at the unit outside. NOT ON! It’s going to be 104 tomorrow! FUCK!

So, I call the maintence guy, Steve. He was at my place within 5 minutes of my call. Steve can’t do anything since the unit is new and under warranty. He called the airconditioner repair guy who probably won’t make it out before TUESDAY.

I should be happy that I don’t have to stay at the apartment without air. I can go to my sister’s or stay at my parents. But, I was so looking forward to settling into my cool pad. It’s just delayed a bit. I can’t expect my family to help me move and not have a cool place for them to rest. It’s not like it’s vital that I move in this weekend. I can wait. I’m just disappointed.

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