>Just a bunch of crap all around, sadly.

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>I’m sure by now you’ve heard the story of the woman who drank her self to death (with water) trying to win a Wii. My feelings on the matter are mixed, but mostly it’s sad.

The Sacramento Bee had excerpts from the morning radio show, but it looks like someone made them take them down. Probably would taint the jury pool if too many people heard them. Although, this article on Yahoo! probably covers the gist of the excerpts.

I’m sorry, but what a dumb contest. That stunt (not peeing and forcing water down your throat) wouldn’t even be attempted by Fear Factor. Doesn’t that radio station have a legal department? You can’t tell me that a lawyer said signing a waiver would prevent them from being prosecuted or sued. That’s one bad lawyer if that’s what happened.

Some of the responsibility has to be laid at the hands of the contestants though, too. No one forced them to enter. It goes back to that saying parents love using, “If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you too?”

Personally, I get nervous when I get engrossed with work and end up holding my pee when I should really let it out. Apparently, none of the contestants has ever had a urinary tract infection. That was probably too much information.

2 thoughts on “>Just a bunch of crap all around, sadly.

  1. copygodd

    >i’d enter that contest if i got to drink beer instead of water. and if the prize were an xbox 360 instead of a wii. and if all the contestants also won a personal helper monkey.

  2. ajooja

    >I know a lot of radio stations and podcasts have been making fun of this, but it’s pretty sad once you peel back a couple of layers.


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