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>I was feeling uninspired and blah when I came across the ad below:

Seeking Feline Expert

Hello Ladies, yes I am seeking a feline expert. About a year ago one of the old ladies on my street passed away and when her children came to sell her home they kicked all of the old ladies cats out on the street. Well several have been taken to animal control, but a few have survived being slightly ferrel. Anyway, I have been feeding one of the little guys now for about a year, and last week I noticed that his right paw there is something wrong. I don’t know what to do, I am scared to get animal control involved because they might want to kill the little guy. I also don’t want to drop loads of cash$ on a wild critter ( I don’t think I can catch him anyway). So am am seeking someone who can help me out, maybe take a look at the guy and give me some advice. In return I will take you out for a nice meal some wine, and cat stories.

If there is one thing that I love to do on a date it’s chase feral cats while drinking wine. Don’t most ladies?

This guy definitely got some attention from such a random subject of his post, but I doubt he’s going to get much action from it.

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