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>My boss, John, is being very nice about my leaving and even gave me the name of a friend of his, Rick, an attorney who is looking for an office manager.

So, I finally call Rick up and his assistant answers. I’m hesitant about giving the reason for why I’m calling because I don’t know if the assistant answering is the one who is going to be replaced or what.

Of course, Rick doesn’t have voicemail, so the assistant takes a message. I give her my name, phone number and the name of my boss as a referral. Then the assistant asks, “What are your charges?”

I sat there for a second going, “Charges? What charges?”

Then I realize she means CRIMINAL charges. John’s friend is a defense attorney.

“Oh! I’m sorry. I’m only looking for employment.”

3 thoughts on “>Job Search Humor

  1. Mike

    >When asked what are your charges, you could’ve had a little fun with her….”Honey, tell him if he wants the FULL package, my charges are 250″ 😉 that’d been funny. Wonder what she’d have thought of her boss then?


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