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>I’ve got my first real live interview today. The lady who set me up with it might be a little off or just dumb. She didn’t really have a job description, so she just read the resume of the girl who is leaving the position. That really doesn’t help me.

People use words in resumes to describe their jobs that are a little puffed up. They aren’t lying, just being euphemistic. For example, “creating/designing marketing materials” means making flyers. A job description given to a personnel agency tends to be more true to the task.

We were going over the description on the phone. I am the kind of person who tries to cut through the bullshit and figure out what’s really going on. I ask her what she thinks “due diligence” means. She suggested that I look it up in the dictionary. I know what the fuck the definition is, I want to know what this chick meant by putting it in her resume!

3 thoughts on “>Job Search – Day 45

  1. Sonic Reducer

    >I hope you find something soon. That’s creazy though to tell you the last person’s resume when you ask about what the job desciption is. Couldn’t she just tell you what the responsibilities are…Someone there (the boss) must know that…

    Due Diligence is used usually when one company is buying another company or part of another company. It’s when the company is going through the other company’s records to make sure everything is as they were told.

    It’s a way to make sure you’re getting what you were told you were getting…

  2. SFChick74


    I nailed that interview, but they want someone to start tomorrow, which of course I can’t do. The job would be perfect for me though.

    Like Sonic Reducer said, it’s just going through the records, double checking the data/information. Big words for simple terms. But I wanted to know what kind of fact checking was entailed.

    Apparently, the lady at the personnel agency didn’t get what I was asking.


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