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>This morning I sent the personnel agency an email detailing why I don’t want the city job. They kept calling me every two hours yesterday. I thought the email would make them go away.

The woman at the city who I worked for NEVER asked me why I was looking for work. She never gave me feedback about my job performance. I can’t work like that. I need to hear something. Even if it’s a “You’re doing a great job. I really appreciate your efforts.” Hell, tell me if I’m not living up to your standards. I can’t read your freaking mind.

I have said no to these people TWICE now. The personnel agency called me AGAIN today. They want to make sure I knew what the salary was and wanted to know if anyone had discouraged me from taking the job. What the hell does that mean? Are people so messed up there that they try to manipulate someone like that? I don’t have time for head games like that.

Is everyone up here nuts? The personnel agency is crazy for not understanding that I don’t want the job. I even said in the email, “I don’t want the job.” How much more plain can you get?

I have a hard time believing the city still wants to hire me. I don’t show up. I quit without warning. And yet, they want me to come in and work for them…wouldn’t it be a little awkward if I did come in? Apparently, the more fucked up you act, the better your chances are of getting a job with the city. I understand Peter Gibbons a little more now…

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