>It’s a bit late!

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>I just read an article in the Sacrament Bee where a dude from the National Weather Service said, "if you don't have to go to work, you shouldn't."

It would have been nice if one of the local TV newscasters had mentioned this when I was watching their shows this morning! Thanks, Good Day Sacramento, KCRA & Fox 40 for reporting about Britney Spears instead!

3 thoughts on “>It’s a bit late!

  1. Mara

    >Poor Britney. She needs all kinds of help (mental, rehab, etc). I put up a few pics on my blog of our back yard. It’s not pretty. We’re getting hit pretty hard here in little ol’ Galt.

    Glad you made it to work and I’m crossing my fingers that a tree doesn’t come through your slider today. =)

  2. Mara

    >We didn’t do too bad. No broken windows, I think the roof is fine – we’ll check for broken tiles to be sure. Our redwoods got it the worst – they look like hell with about 1/3 of their branches on the ground now (we haven’t cleaned up yet – muddy mess). But hey, none of our trees fell over or smashed into anything, so I think we’re doing ok. I saw a huge tree just two streets away from me that was pretty much destroyed. It didn’t hit their house thankfully. Craziness! What happened to our beautiful weather from New Year’s Day? I was outside in a t-shirt. Now this crap.


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