>Is this a real problem?

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>This is so dumb. Why spend tax dollars to accommodate people who don’t want to walk a few extra feet? I’m not saying that people shouldn’t drive SUVs, drive whatever you want. I’m saying that if you do drive a giant vehicle like that you need to park it in a regular spot not one and a half compact spots.

I live in an area where parking is at a premium. If people want some giant vehicle to drive they need to be able to deal with the requirements that may arise from their choice. It’s not my problem, nor should tax dollars be spent to accommodate such a lack of common sense. If you want more space for your big old Range Rover, move to the suburbs where they can accommodate you with an abundance of parking.

And if you do live in the suburbs and are haunted by the lack of conveniently located regular sized parking spots, you seriously need some help. Walking in the rain isn’t going to kill you. A few extra seconds of being outside in inclement weather isn’t going to kill you. Just take the first spot you see and start walking. You won’t be stressed out by trying to find the ultimate parking spot. You won’t fall victim to parking lot rage.

Dings in a car door are caused by careless people not small parking spots. If you are careful when you open your car door then a ding won’t happen no matter how small the space is when you park. I should know, I’ve parked in some tight spots and have yet to ding anyone else’s car with my door.

Besides, can we please fix the damn roads before we deal with parking lots? I can’t go down the street my office is on without needing a 4 wheel drive to deal with all of the potholes. It’s like something out of Cannonball Run.

1 thought on “>Is this a real problem?

  1. Nick

    >haha, a Cannonball Run reference. You were 7 when that came out. Personally I’ve pretty much blocked out everything before 18. 🙂 What’s amazing to me is that SO many people can afford these monolithic vehicles. Where I live there’s a Hummer around every corner it seems like. Why does everyone need a Hummer? My neighborhood is well prepared should a WAR break out. lol.


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