>Is this appropriate?

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>Maybe it was the Nyquil, but last night I was scrolling through the TV listings and saw that Basic Instinct was on TV Land. It seems a little odd that the same channel that has made a name for itself by showing Little House on the Prairie and Leave it To Beaver reruns is now playing an R rated movie.

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  1. Doug

    >I love taking Nyquil fueled power sleeps. They are deep and wonderful. I also love watching R+ movies edited for TV. Last year Gorden Gecko (your same Mike Douglas guy)in Wall Street gets called an “Animoe” instead of “Asshole”. Unbeliebably, Scarface also made it. At the beginning of the unedited movie a cop yells at Pacino “Where did you get that scar on your face….eating p***y?”. The edited version changes the key word to the family friendly but just as sharp “pineapple”.


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