>Is Someone Trying to Tell Me Something?

>I got a Lane Bryant catalog in the mail today.

My morbid sense of curiosity got the best of me, so I looked through it to see what they have to offer.

Note to the editors of the catalog: If you can see a woman’s clavicle, she is too thin to fit into your clothes.

Also, there are some clothes that make everyone look fat.

2 thoughts on “>Is Someone Trying to Tell Me Something?

  1. Petra

    >I always wonder about the ‘lounger’ – do people think hmmm, I’m going to lounge on my chair now, better change into my lounger.
    I always know I’m losing or gaining weight by how deep or non-existent that sink is between my clavicle and shoulder. If I was judging these women, I would be a skinny-mini.

  2. SFChick74

    >I’m not sure what kind of a mental state one has to be in when buying a mumu or “lounger” sounds like a good idea.


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