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>A friend of mine mentioned that her boss has the same IQ as Bill Gates. First of all, this guy can’t write a simple memo to save his life. He has no regard for punctuation much less style. Second, I never really thought of Bill Gates as being an example of abundant intelligence. I think of him as more ambitious than intelligent. I’m not saying he’s dumb. I’m just saying if I was going to name extremely intelligent people, he would not be one of them.

I looked up Bill Gates’ IQ and it is supposedly somewhere between 160 and 173. I seriously find that hard to believe. I can’t seem to find a reliable source of famous people’s IQs.

I know that IQs aren’t a complete means of measuring intelligence. One site said that Andy Warhol’s IQ was 86 while on another site KoKo the Gorilla’s IQ was 90. Does that mean Andy Warhol was dumber than a gorilla? It’s very confusing.

I’ve taken a few online IQ tests. Three actually and I’ve gotten scores of 115, 126, and 131. The 115 score I took today. I was in a bad mood. I probably should have tried harder. Maybe in a few months I’ll take another test and see how I score. The 126 and 131 scores I got over at www.tickle.com.

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