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>Heroes is X-Men, however loosely. The cheerleader chick has Wolverine’s power. Just fuse some adamantium to her skeleton and she will be able to kick some major ass. Sylar, or whatever that Patient Zero guy is called, is Magneto. Except, I don’t think Magneto was as psychotic as the writers are making Sylar out to be.

I will, however, continue to watch the show. Way too many questions are buzzing around my head. What’s up with cutting off the top of people’s heads and taking their brains out? And how did that one guy get frozen to his chair? And I mean that literally. The dude was frozen to the chair and the top of his head was cut off and his brain was missing! I can’t quite figure out how the nuclear holocaust figures into the plot except as some weird goal for all the characters to come together to prevent.

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