>I’m back!

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>I’ve got a crapload of photos. Some of them show the beauty of the north, some of them show the weird shit I came across.

Please enjoy this photo I took at 9:00 PM. I took a picture of my watch as proof. But, now I realize I could have just set my watch to that time whenever I wanted.

This photo is of the Millennium Hotel. I took it just after I shot the one of my watch. The hotel claims to be the Iditarod Race Headquarters.

Either way, it was a pretty cool little hotel. They had a ton of stuffed animals in the lobby. Not the Gund kind, but the shot me a bear kind:

Now I know what happened to the polar bear on Lost.

During our stay in Anchorage, we went to this Alaska Wild Berry Store where they had the world’s biggest chocolate fall.

Some randoms got in the way of my camera.

I was waiting for the oompa loompas to roll out Violet at any freaking moment.

6 thoughts on “>I’m back!

  1. Petra

    >oompa, loompa, doopidy, do…ok i’ll stop now 🙂 Did they let you dip/eat stuff from the choc waterfall? It looks de-lish.

  2. SFChick74

    >Beleive me, you wouldn’t want to stick your finger in there after you saw the unwashed masses gathered around it.

    I’ll have some more pictures tomorrow. I’m beat from all the work I had to catch up on.


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