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>Note to Idol producers: No one gives a crap about the background info, just get the singing going. Save the back story for the top 12. Also, put the damn song titles up! I don’t know the crap the kids are listening to these days.

Rudy CardenasFree Ride – Edgar Winter is going to jump onstage and kick your ass for singing that so poorly. Here’s a tip to all you wanna be Idols, if you are going to sing a rock song, rock up your outfit. A t-shirt and jeans is all you need. Sport coats need not apply. “Is that Freedom Rock? Well, turn it up!”

Brandon RogersRock With You – What the hell was with that intro? Ballads are for losers. Sing the song as Little Michael intended it to be sung. Dude, not only was it pitchy, it just wasn’t good. Please, pick Man in the Mirror or any other Michael Jackson song next time!

Sundance HeadNights in White Satin – Are you kidding me with this? Where is the dude that blew me away at the first audition? That song totally sucks, even by the Moody Blues. Unless of course you are smoking some weed, dropping acid or something to make it better. Pitchy is the word of the night, in white satin that is.

Paul KimCareless Whisper – MAJOR points for picking this song. I’m immediately taken back to fifth/sixth grade. It’s a shame he can’t really sing it well. It’s also a shame he probably won’t be back next week.

Chris RichardsonI Don’t Want To Be – The token hot guy, there is one every season. Bad move singing this song after Bo Bice. It just doesn’t work. At least he has some charisma and stage presence albeit in a boy band way.

Nicholas Pedro – ??? – No idea what that crappy song was that he sang. Ballads are seriously the worst. He actually sang it pretty well though. I have to say that he looks better this year than he did last year. Vote for Pedro, that was a pretty good chuckle. I’m a sucker for a little personality.

Blake Lewis – ??? – Would you like some cheese with your whine? It’s a good thing you’re cute dude because I absolutely hate that song. I have no idea what it’s called, but I know it sucks.

Sanjaya Malakar – ??? – I like this kid’s voice and of course his 70’s hairstyle. What’s wrong with me not knowing these songs? This is a Stevie Wonder song? Huh.

Chris Sligh – ??? – Seriously, I give the hell up. I don’t know the last four songs. How is this possible? Am I really that old? Granted I only listen to a handful of channels on my XM radio, but most of the new songs suck ass.

I don’t even give a crap about the last three guys. American Idol, you have successfully broken me of my addiction. Thank you for providing such poor content.

2 thoughts on “>I’m addicted to bad TV

  1. ajooja

    >I’m rooting for that Chris Sligh dude right now, but I wasn’t impressed with any of them.

    I told my wife, “I don’t remember any of the girls, but none of these guys will win.”

    We should have watched a movie. I’ve got two of them I need to watch and get back to Netflix.


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