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>Whoever came up with those stick figure decals people put in windows. First of all, I’m pissed off I didn’t think of them myself and make a bunch of money.

Most of all, why the hell would you buy those things? Big freaking deal. So you procreated. I don’t need to see your branch of the family tree plastered on the back window of your Yukon.

Ugh and then they add in the pets! What happens when Rover gets loose at the dog park and makes his way into the oncoming traffic? I guess you could just buy a new dog to fill the void in your decals.

3 thoughts on “>I’d like to meet…

  1. Nick

    >I’m pretty sure the same people that buy those are the ones that keep Family Circus a staple comic in every newspaper in the U.S.

  2. mark

    >Hate the stick figures. What was weird was a car that had the family with 2.2 children, but the kids had a mark across them (like a do not enter or the ghostbuster logo). Either they killed and buried the kids in yard, or they just are against kids.


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