>I will not stimulate the economy.

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>If the dumbasses in Washington pass that bill to send me and everyone else an $800 rebate, I will stick my money in the bank and let it accumulate interest.

Doesn’t the government have trillions of dollars of debt? Isn’t there a Social Security crisis on the horizon? How in the hell can they give out money they clearly don’t have?

And if they have the ability to just throw money around like that, why not throw some money into the damn freeways and roads? Give some people a job and better our infrastructure instead of just trying a quick fix that won’t work.

3 thoughts on “>I will not stimulate the economy.

  1. Mara

    >I’m with you. It’s sad. Everything’s tanking. But handing out relatively small rebates isn’t going to fix it. And like you said, where’s it coming from? We don’t really have it.

    So do you still go to the driving range? I think it’s so fun! We should go sometime! For real, I know it’s kind of weird since we know each other from Blogger (introduced by Freedom Girl), but I think you’re normal, and I’m somewhat normal, so we’d have fun, right? And I’m trying to make new friends, and I think you’re funny.

    P.S. Not a serial killer. Again.

  2. SFChick74

    >LOL! I haven’t been out to the driving range in about a year. Normal is relative, I suppose. Shoot me an email!

  3. TravelVixen

    >Hi sfchick!

    I also live in Sac and came across your blog.

    I completely agree with you about the rebate checks. I was thinking of giving mine to charity, since all those people who really need it won’t be getting things like pensions, social security, medicare etc.. if we keep throwing billions of dollars away in pointless handouts.


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