>I was half asleep…

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>But, I’m pretty sure I heard that there was a dead bear in the middle of the freeway this morning. Yeah, I think it was somewhere in Woodland or Davis along 113 or maybe it was I-5. Who knew there were bears running around the valley? I thought they were just up in the mountains.

3 thoughts on “>I was half asleep…

  1. Doug

    >Your fanciful story is quite entertaining. I expect you to soon write about the football playing unicorn or the talking fish with reading glasses. I would bet that is was just a drunk carnie dressed in a bear suit who got run over or the husk of a real bear that had its organs harvested for fertility treatments.

  2. Butchieboy

    >I had to help move a bear from the middle of the road, once. The same night, I hit two deer at the same time. That sucked.


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