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>Most of my life, I’ve been pretty negative…usually about myself. Within the past few years, I’ve been trying to change that because who really wants to put negative energy out into the world? It will come back to me and I’d rather it didn’t.

Regardless, I’ve been told that I am funnier when I’m mean. While this may be true, it does nothing to help me become less jaded.

How jaded am I? It would be nice to enjoy those Foundation for a Better Life commercials, but my cynical brain just wonders what conservative conspiracy is behind them.

Seriously, in and of themselves, they are nice, positive thoughts, but all I can do is wonder at the producers’ true motivation. Are they trying to make me conform to their ideal? Is that ideal really that awful? Politeness, manners, friendliness…they seem OK on the surface, but how else do these people expect us to conform?

See what I mean? Why can’t I just shut off my brain and be happy?

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