>I need to change the channel

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>I’ve been watching HGTV way too much. If I see one more beige wall, I’m going to puke. Can we get a little color in those houses, people? And when are stainless steel appliances going to be out of vogue? I’m totally over it. Why would I want a giant stove that looks like it belongs in a restaurant. Who the hell has that many people at their dinner table on a regular basis?

Also, I’m sick of those Sell My House, What’s My House Worth type shows. Yes, staging and curb appeal are important, but pricing real estate correctly is the biggest hurdle to get over if you want to sell a house. Heck, just do regular maintenance. You are not selling people your furniture and paint is cheap!

And what is up with these people with 3 bedroom houses wanting a bigger house? Dude, do you really need to have that many bedrooms in your house? Make your kids share a bedroom or give them the den/home office you probably don’t use.

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