>I knew it wasn’t just me!

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>As much as I love TV, I can’t stand what the networks have been doing to the “seasons”. It used to be that you could count on your favorite TV show being on every Thursday at 9:00. Sometimes it was a rerun, sometimes it was a new one, but it was always there. At least from September through May.

Nowadays, if I don’t have a Season Pass for the show, I will miss it. And there’s nothing good on Tuesday nights.

Tim Goodman has an interesting article about this erratic TV scheduling over at the SF Gate. He came up with the idea of getting an email from the networks about TV shows. I get enough email blasts at work. Just put the damn show on and keep it on!

These days there are more commercials and less time for the show during the time allotted for the episode I want to see. Ok, fine. But, you would think they could at least show an entire season all the way through. There are so many things to catch our attention these days you would think the networks would be trying a little harder to distract us for longer than a month or two at a time.

2 thoughts on “>I knew it wasn’t just me!

  1. Doug

    >It would seem to me that the television people would want to keep the rhythm of their better shows going instead of breaking them out into segments. I tend to forget about a show when it’s removed for several weeks. I also get off my butt and start doing other stuff during that time slot as the temporary replacement shows are generally bad. When it comes back I often miss out on the first episode or two before I realize to program my Tivo again. Also, I have protested the Sopranos for the last two years by refusing to watch. They have a span of 18 months between seasons and they expect us to come back when they decide it’s time. I refuse to be one of the lemmings pining for their mini 8-episode season. Whenever they take these 12-18 month breaks I expect them to return with about 40 fresh episodes.


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