>I just don’t get it

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>Am I the only one who isn’t interested in seeing the new King Kong remake? I didn’t see any of the previous versions. I just don’t see the attraction. What is the story about? Some giant ape falls in love with a blonde bimbo? I’m not into cross-species romances.

Maybe it’s a Peter Jackson thing. I missed the whole Lord of the Rings thing. Nothing about it appealed to me. I even sat down to watch one of the movies the other day and was completely confused and I was only five minutes in. I don’t think there is one of his movies that I even saw, much less enjoyed.

Maybe I should rent the old version with Fay Wray and see what the big deal is.


We were discussing Christmas Tree toppers today at work because no one felt like doing actual work. Angels ranked highest on the list. Then stars and then Santas. That struck me as odd. I’d never heard of someone putting a Santa Claus on top of their tree. What do you put on yours? I actually have one of those old school glass pointy ornament things.

4 thoughts on “>I just don’t get it

  1. teh l4m3

    >Yeah, Santa on top of a tree doesn’t sit right with me…I seriously doubt he’s a bottom.

    But I know exactly what I want to put on top of my tree.

  2. christhestampede

    >1) We rock an angel on our tree.

    2) I’m all for cross-species romances. They have rights too, you know? Seriously though, I have lots of friends who’ve mated with jackasses, bitches, and rats, just to name a few.

    3) If your five minutes of lord of the rings was anything BUT the FIRST five minutes of the FIRST movie, no wonder you were confused. It’s one 12+ hour long movie chopped into three parts.

    4) I appear to have caught your list-making bug from a week or so ago.


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