>I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

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>Actually, I didn’t feel this earthquake, but a friend of mine in South San Francisco felt a decent jolt.

I remember learning about Parkfield in high school. It has ALOT of seismic activity and it is right on top of the San Andreas. There is a picture of a fence that is split with half of it being like 10 feet away from the other half. It shows how quickly that area has been moving or creeping around.

I was watching the coverage on the local news and they ALWAYS ask the same dumb questions of the geologist or whomever they can get on the phone, “Do you know if there are going to be big aftershocks?” Oh yeah, they have technology to predict earthquakes, they just didn’t tell you.

Now we will see the usual “How to Be Earthquake Prepared” stories for the next few days in the local newspapers and evening news. Like those of us who have been living here for the past 30 years don’t already know what to do. It’s called, don’t live in an area primarily made of landfill. Don’t cross the Bay Bridge. Stay out of buildings made of brick. That’s how to stay safe.

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