>I actually went outside today

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>That may seem like an absurd statement, but I really don’t spend much time outside. Basically it’s just a few minutes a day to get from a building to a vehicle and back or to get from one part of my office to another.

The lawn needed to be watered and since I have yet to put in a sprinkler system in the backyard (or have my dad do it), I have to do it the old fashioned way. It was kind of nice. I might go buy a lawn chair so I can soak up a little more fresh air and sunshine.

1 thought on “>I actually went outside today

  1. Merra

    >Back yards are the best! Hope you enjoy your new lawn chair.

    By the way, we had to put an above ground system in our back yard since all the trees were established and Home Depot has a great Orbit timer that you hook up to the spout. You can use this stuff called Funny Pipe and the really quiet sprinkler heads (and drip lines if you need them) to run around the perimeter of your yard to make yourself a great system. 🙂


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