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>Louisiana’s Wetlands @ National Geographic Magazine: “The Federal Emergency Management Agency lists a hurricane strike on New Orleans as one of the most dire threats to the nation, up there with a large earthquake in California or a terrorist attack on New York City. “

Even though I’m hundreds of miles away, I’m still mesmerized by this natural disaster. My Dad was telling me about this National Geographic article that came out last year. I can’t seem to grasp the magnitude of what is going on. I see 160 mile per hour winds and I just can’t fathom it. NASCAR drivers go that fast in races. It’s like a giant mega-tornado heading for the Big Easy. I’ve lived through 30 mile per hour winds and thought the building was going to come apart. I can only imagine what winds are like at almost five times that speed.

The storm surge is insane. 20’-25’ surge and the city is already below sea level. I see shots of gridlock on freeways as people attempt to flee for the lives. Where are they all going? How far will they go to get out of danger? I heard a lady on Larry King say that her family drove from New Orleans to Houston. That’s almost 350 miles.

The requisite higher gas price stories are already filtering in. I’m betting gas will be over $3.00 by the end of September.

I saw the President promising to help out as much as possible. “Also known as low interest loans from his bank buddies,” as my Dad said. We can spend billions in Iraq, but how much money will be spent by the federal government to help Americans out of this horrible situation? Will people across the world hold telethons to help out the poor and afflicted of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast?

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