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>I work at a property management firm and answer the main phone. Luckily, it doesn’t ring to the point of annoyance, but I do get some doozy callers.

Caller: “I’m looking for an employment office in one of your buildings. Do you know where they are located.”

Me: “Well, sir, what building are you at and which agency are you looking for?”

Caller: “I’m at the 1200 block of Main Street.” Silence.

Me: “Hold please.” I ask a couple people if they know of an employment agency in our building at the 1200 block of Main. No one does.

Me: “Hello, sir. I’m sorry, but I’ll need to know the name of the agency in order to be of more service.”

Caller: “I’m not sure of the name of the agency. My friend just told me that an employment agency was located in this building. What should I do in order to find a job?”

Me: “I suggest finding a nearby payphone and looking in the yellow pages under E or J. Unless you have Internet access at home. Sorry, I couldn’t be of more help.”


How the hell are you supposed to get a job if you can’t even figure out where to look for one? I’m not one to help the stupid.

4 thoughts on “>How May I Help You?

  1. Brian King

    >Oh yes, our educational system is doing a bang-up job! Your caller probably believes he’s entitled to a well-paying job just because he can breathe on his own and can wipe his own butt without calling for back-up!


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