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>Today, I got a call from a guy passing through one of our buildings. He saw a dead black crow in the parking lot and wanted to let us know so we would report it to the county. We’re supposed to alert the authorities about any possible West Nile incidents.

I passed the message along to property management via an email. 5 minutes later one of the chicks comes up to me and asks if it was a lady who called. I said no. It was a guy. PM said, “We got a call from some lady who said that a bunch of dead crows were dropping from the trees.”

I started laughing at the thought of some poor soul being pelted with dead birds while trying to get to her car.

Yesterday, I also ran into two birds who took off just barely in enough time to miss my car while I was flying down the freeway.

If I see a chick looking like Tippy Headron anywhere, I’m getting the hell out of town.

6 thoughts on “>A Hitchcock Moment

  1. SFChick74

    >”Spam! It’s pink and it’s oval.
    Spam! You buy it at the Mobil.”
    At least I think those are the words to the song.

    Thanks anonymous.

    Apparently an elderly man died of it and 36 people in my county have it. The stupid news is calling it an epidemic. I don’t know that 36 people is an epidemic.


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